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MUDA - Multi-user dungeon adventure - BITNET MUD

Address: MUDA@GRCRUN11 -- Use interactive messages to connect

The Story !!!

| | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | | | |
You are in block C of the University of Crete when something goes wrong... The rooms are colder than usual, strange people walk in the corridors, strange objects appear suddenly. You realize that you are not in the real world, but in virtual reality.

The Great Mage is the one that put you here! There's no big difference between MUDA and the real world. You must survive and collect as much money as you can before you die (like in real life). You'll meet many people in MUDA of which some will be friends, and others enemies. There are monsters to fight and quests to be solved... Are you man / woman enough to enter another world?

A world where everything has its place - and where there is a place for (almost) everything... :-)

Registration is open. Send the command SUBSCRIBE <full name> to the server. Once you entered the game and played it a few times you'll get a better idea of MUDA.


MUDA was the first MUD that I ever played. I was known as Natasha Romanioff/Romaniov - Vampyress and Seductress Of Darkness. Long name but very fun. I wore black patten leather everything (before it was some goth fashionista trend) and I rode around the world on my black dragon Vlad, who of course drained the life out of newbies and my enemies. I was one of the key officers of the cycle/guild "The Children Of The Mist" which was formed by my sister "Akasha" and friend (Mother) Morgan.

Some of the players that I remember fondly are of course Haribo, Grego, Gandalf, Marty, Rambo, Kaspin, Terminator, Bastian, Raistlin, Legolas, Thomas, all of the Boys from Greece, Archer, Anthrax, Nostradamus, Crom, Sauron, and so many more. You all will never be forgotten.

I spent many hours and days in Nataly's bar, the Start Room, Bobo, the chess room, etc. and I am sure it was the beginning of the downfall of my college life. If it were not for this game I think no other online games would exist today and of course I would not have been so heavily involved with the start of the internet explosion. Not many ppl can say they were there at the beginning but I can and I will always wish it could go back to what it used to be.


Thanks to Legolas, a facebook group has been created for the old members of MUDA to get in contact with each other.. If you are an old player of MUDA and would like to get in touch with others from the game come join our group MUDA on Facebook.


I have been playing Nirvana since April 1991. It has gone through many changes since then and many players as well. I have had many characters on the game over the years, but the character I play the most is Nikki. She is and always will hold a special place on the mud. Whether that is good or bad, I can't really say. By connecting to the
Nirvana Homepage you can read up on the game, connect to it or go to the various links to other players' homepages.
I used to hold at least one Nirvana Party a year, where the players from the game get together for a weekend at my place and have a great time getting to know each other in rl. I have tried to take pictures from each party. If you would like to see them, connect to my character's web page and it will take you to various sites.

Nikki's Hotel Room


I played Dragonheart until 2000, first as Natasha and then as Jocelyn. I started on the Evils side and then aftr that era, I belonged to two houses during the House era, first House Enteri and House Deathstrike and finally on the Water side during the Elemental era. I finally quit after the Administrator player wiped and changed the name of the mud to Crimsonesti. I played a dark drow that was spirited and always getting into some sort of mischief. I met and enjoyed hours of fun playing with some really awesome ppl. Myrsaad, Lohknor, Fellwar, Cerestes, Artimis, and many more I will always remeber my time playing Dragonheart one of the greatest times of my life. (I know I do not get out much. ;)

Play Dragonheat
Visit Dragonhearts Facebook Group
Jocelyn's Homepage

EverQuest by Verant

EverQuest is a 3D graphical interface internet interaction game. I started playing EQ quite a while ago on the Veeshan Server. My character Streea is a Dark Elf Warrior. I grouped with some mighty awesome ppl and we created our own guild Elghinn Z'ress.
Death's Power, we stand for Chaos, Death, and Hatred. Please feel free to visit our Memorial HomePage by clicking on the name below.

Wow a lot has happened over the last few years. Elghinn Z'ress is no longer a guild on Veeshan. The Solen decided that because of the treachery and deceit that was going on with some of the officers we elected we decided to end the guild before it got out of hand. We have all pretty much gone our own way. Delvan and Uinlaar hardly ever play anymore and as for Xarra and myself. Well we quit for several months. Over six months to be exact.
We started playing EQ again around June of last year and we created totally different characters and joined a new guild called Evil Dynasty. I became webmaster for their homepage and gave them a domain. A lot of fun was had in that guild and a lot of sorrow as well since it suffered from the same sickness that Elghinn Z'ress had. We made a lot of friends in the guild of course. Maelar the one true leader of Evil Dynasty among others. I started a Dark Elf cleric named Jivundus and we ended up leaving Evil Dynasty. We joined a guild called The Corps and we couldn't be happier. We have found the true success of a guild lies with the style it is run. The Corps is a true dictatorship and Jice is our leader. He is firm, harsh at times and very fun as a leader. I couldn't ask for a better home.
I am relinquishing my duties as webmaster of Evil Dynasty's Homepage and I am moving it to the Homepage memorial for all of the past pages I have done. If you are interested in checking it out please click on the link below. You will also find The Corps' Homepage (not done by me this time) among a few other links to information about EverQuest.

I took a break from EQ for about four months. Based on what I have been told I do not think that I will rejoin The Corps. I have been told that it would cause
a lot of animosity within the guild. I will stay solo for a while and just have fun. The last time I left the guild it was very peaceful, I was able to
group with my friends and just have fun. Maybe this is the best thing for me right now

I'm no longer playing EQ and haven't for several years now. It lost is luster when I returned the last time. And although it has expanded many times over, with the addition of children to our family and other endevours in my life online gaming is just not in the picture or even possible. With me being the perfectionist as I am (not always a good thing) I cannot devote the time and effort that it takes to put into these types of games. I guess I've finally grown up. heh

Links and Information about Everquest:

The Corps Home Page
EverQuest HomePage
Alakazam's Page
Elghinn Z'ress' Homepage Memorial
Evil Dynasty's Homepage Memorial
EQ Vault
Caster's Realm


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