In my time I have been called many things: sister, lover, priestess, wise-woman, queen.   Now in truth I have come to be wise-woman, and a time may come when these things may need to be known.   But in sober truth, I think it is the Christians who will tell the last tale.   For ever the world of Faerie drifts further from the world in which the Christ holds sway.   I have no quarrel with the Christ, only with his priests, who call the Great Goddess a demon and deny that she ever held power in this world.    At best, they say that her power was of Satan.   Or else they clothe her in the blue robe of the Lady of Nazareth-who indeed had power in her way, too-and say that she was ever virgin.   But what can a virgin know of the sorrows and travail of mankind?   I have never had any family that I remember besides the Dark Fae which never leave my side, drifting in the deepest shadows that constantly surround me.   They are my guide and protection in this new world that is called Dragonheart .
     I came to this realm in search of a place where I could hide and be unrecognized by those that would destroy the existance of my kind.   In the time I have been in this world I have met many people, some have become enemies and a few I call my friends.   One of my dearest and most loved is Brak Deathstrike whom enchanted me from the first moment I layed eyes on him.   He has taken my heart and life and claimed them for his own.   We have built House Deathstrike together and hope to make it as strong as our bond in life.

House Deathstrike

Lord Brak Deathstrike & Lady Jocelyn Deathstrike


House Enteri

Lord Artimis Enteri & Lady Jocelyn Enteri

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