In Memory of The Elghinn Z'ress Clan




We are an evil clan.  We believe in preserving ourselves before all others, UNLESS it benefits our clan.  This is the code we live by and no exceptions are tolerated.
Think before you join our guild.  Contrary to popular belief just because you are evil doesn’t mean you are stupid.  When you pledge to our clan, it should be with the intention of a life long commitment to our members. If you decide to leave, you will become an outcast from our ranks, forever shunned and hunted all of your days.   Read this several times before you make a decision and consider the consequences.   Elghinn is no respector of the dark races.  She has visited all races and welcomes them all to follow her as we have done.

Loyalty -

This is Elghinn Z’ress. Loyalty to Clan members MUST BE ABSOLUTE!   You may not always support a Clan member in their actions, but you MUST ALWAYS support the Person.  Failure to do so shows disloyalty to the Clan and could result in banishment from the Clan.

Fairness -

All Children of Elghinn must endeavour to be fair.  DO NOT however, confuse fairness with honour.  They are not always the same things.  Honour sometimes restricts us from true fairness.  For instance, an act of retaliation can be FAIR, but not necessarily honorable.
**NOTE: The Solen must clear All acts of retaliation. There are no exceptions to this rule!

In Character -

All clansmen are allowed and encouraged to play their characters in any evil fashion they see fit.  Remember ultimate evil is what we are about.   However, we are real life people behind our keyboards we make friends and enemies with the other characters from Everquest in rl.  This will not be brought to the game in any way.  If our Clan should be deceived into any sort of retaliation to a game character because of a rl conflict, that person will be banished immediately from our clan.

The Solen (High Council of the Clan) -

The Solen is currently made up of four members.  These positions are not elected but appointed.  They handle any disputes within the clan, initiate new members, promote existing members, and answer any questions or concerns.  They make the ultimate decisions concerning the Clan.  All disputes and problems must be taken to The Solen.  They will hear all sides of an issue and fairly render judgement.  They are there to help all clan members.  All decisions of The Solen are final.

The Kyorl: (Guardians of Elghinn)

The Kyorl handle disputes, initiate new members in The Solen's absence, answer questions, and assist The Solen when possible. They are the guardians of the Xukuth in all matters.

The Xukuth (The Full Members of the Clan) -

The Xukuth participate in guild activities, strive to uphold the clan’s ethics, scout for potential clan members, and report to The Solen any problems that arise.
All Xukuth are given precedence over non-clan members in all things, be it partying, the selling or buying items, or offering aid in times of crisis.

The Wanre (Apprentice Members) -

The Wanre are new members who must prove themselves before they will be counted as part of The Xukuth. The probationary period may be short, but will not last longer than one month.  If they are not promoted to The Xukuth after one month, a vote will be called to either promote them or remove them from the Clan.

The Abban (Candidates) -

The Abban are potential clan members expressing interest in joining our ranks.  And/or they are trustworthy allies to Elghinn Z'ress.  They are to be treated with the utmost respect.  If an issue arises concerning an Abban, the matter will be taken immediately to the Solen and that Solen member will handle the situation as they see fit.  There will be no retailliation or discussion of the matter by anyone but the Solen.

Acts of War:

Acts of war against a clan member is an act of war against the entire clan.  However, the form of retaliation will be decided on an individual basis.   When an incident occurs, The Solen must be contacted and told the circumstances.   The Solen will then convene a meeting.  The Solen will determine if the actions are warranted by individual retaliation or Clan retaliation.  If the individual has acted in a way that does not reflect the standards of the Clan, he or she will be denied the right to revenge.  If the member has a personal vendetta against the warring party, then he or she may be allowed to settle the dispute as he or she sees fit, if it does not dishonour the clan as a whole entity.  Finally, if the member has been insulted or attacked in a way that reflects upon the entire Clan, then the entire Clan will retaliate.  The Solen will decide the form of retaliation excised, but each member is entitled to give his or her input.  It will also be determined at that time, IF war will be covert or openly waged.


The conduct and practices of the Clan are as follows; Rank within the Clan IS enforced.  The Solen word is Law, and must be obeyed by all.  The Xukuth have precedence over The Wanre.  New members may be added as suitable Abban are found, but they will not be added, “Just to give us more members”.
Stupidity and such will not be tolerated when it may make the Clan, as a whole looks bad.   Remember, your actions will reflect on everyone else in the Clan. If you make a fool out of yourself, outsiders' opinions of the Clan will diminish, along with your fellow Clan members’ view of you.  Extreme situations will be dealt with severely, up to and including banishment from the Clan.


If a Clan member acts in a way that brings shame upon the Clan, The Solen, The Xukuth and The Wanre will censure him or her.  Forms of censure will be determined on an individual basis.  The censured Clan member will accept this decision with behaviour befitting The Elghinn Z’ress.


If a Clan member refuses to abide by The Solen’s decisions and continues to exhibit behaviour that reflects badly upon The Elghinn Z’ress, The Solen may decide to banish the offender from the Clan.  This rule will be used only for extreme measures.   Acts of War or Acts of Revenge are not necessarily grounds for banishment. Each case will be decided on an individual basis.

Loot From Kills:

All loot from kills will be divided between all present members fairly.   Allowing all involved to profit from Clan ventures.  Any problems may be directed to The Solen and will be handled in a swift manner.

Partying or Grouping with non-clansmen:

Clan members may group with anyone they wish, so long as it is understood that in the grouping of non-clansmen, no member shall risk his or her life for said person UNLESS it will directly benefit the Elghinn Z’ress or the person is an ally of our Clan.

Trades and Skills:

Clan members are encouraged to pursue as many different trades as they can.   With a variety of skills spread among our clan members, it will mean less money spent to non-members and more profit for the Clan as a whole.  Why buy from X-non-member for an inflated price, when you can buy from a fellow member for a reasonable fee and keep the profit inside the Clan.

Changes in Clan Rules:

All of these rules are subject to change without notification or prior approval.

Thank you and Enjoy.

The Solen


If you would like to become a member of The Elghinn Z'ress Clan please click here to send e-mail to The Solen.