Artimis and Jocelyn

Joined together in eternity on Thursday, Hie 16th, under the reign of Dusk, 1266.

Below are their words to each other on their wedding day.

To Jocelyn From Artimis

Love is everytime I think of you
Love is everytime I see you
Love is pure like water
Love is drowning in your deep, deep eyes
Love is listening to you speak
Love is feeling
Love is beautiful
Love is watching you smile
Love is wanting to hold your hand forever
Love is just a four letter word
    and I am complete...
To Artimis from Jocelyn

A chartruese rose stood all alone
So lovely and so rare
When came a velvet rose of red
To ask if it could share.
The chartruese rose moved to the side.
The red rose moved right in.
Together now they drink their fill
From water bright as gin.
The chartruese rose was grand before
But now it has a glow
From all the kindness in its heart
That it took time to show.

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